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The Desert Spring furnace humidifier - how it works

Revolutionary New Rotary Disk Interface Technology

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Desert Spring has Reinvented the Wheel and, in the process, has revolutionized forced air humidifiers.

The heart of Desert Spring's innovative design is a patented cylinder of ring-shaped, flat plastic discs which rotate through the water reservoir. As the discs are rotated by the small (completely silent!) motor, their vinyl-record-like textured surfaces pick up a thin layer of water which quickly evaporates in the air flow of your forced air furnace for distribution throughout your home. The disc assembly has a remarkable evaporative surface area of over 15 square feet which enables the Desert Spring to cover up to 3,200 square feet!

Desert Spring Air MovementThe Desert Spring attaches to the ductwork of most forced air furnaces and heat pumps. Warm air from the furnace is fed into the humidifier where it passes through the center of the disc assembly and is dispersed across each of the discs; the air stream then quickly picks up humidity by evaporating the thin film of water held in the tiny grooves on the discs. Finally, the air is passed back into the furnace duct work for distribution to the home.

Why does the Desert Spring furnace humidifier work so well in hard water conditions compared to other furnace humidifiers? The key, of course, is the evaporative surface. All other humidifiers use foam pads or screens which provide the perfect environment for calcium and other contaminants to adhere to. Since the Desert Spring's discs always enter the reservoir with a vertical orientation, the vast majority of minerals and sediments are washed off and simply settle at the bottom of the water reservoir. This allows the Desert Spring to retain nearly 100% of its original evaporative output capacity while competitor's models suffer major efficiency declines as their media become encrusted with minerals and clogged by sediments. The maintenance of this efficiency ensures that the water never has the opportunity to stagnate and become a breeding ground for bacteria. This is a major problem with sponge pad-style humidifiers which are especially prone to hard water mineral build-up.

Desert Spring Furnace Humidifier Disc Wheel technologyMost competitors utilize a flow-through design to try to reduce the problems associated with hard water minerals. In reality, their evaporative media still becomes fouled and must be replaced at least once per year. Furthermore, they must be connected to a drain to allow the excess water to drain from the unit. The amount of water wasted by flow-through style units (including the 3 most common brands on the market) is truly phenomenal. An independent test of the 3 leading flow-through furnace humidifiers found an average waste of more than 6,000 gallons annually! As a drum humidifier with a water storage reservoir, the Desert Spring furnace humidifier is truly 100% water efficient. If your water supply is metered, the Desert Spring will greatly reduce your water consumption and, accordingly, your water bill! Additionally, you will be doing the environment a big favor.

With no evaporative pads to imbalance the motor and become encrusted with crystals and mineral scaling, the Desert Spring operates problem free and continues to operate with minimal maintenance. This eliminates costly breakdowns and maintenance nightmares associated with outdated drum pad humidifiers.