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Desert Spring DS3200-M furnace humidifier specs

Technical Specifications
Evaporative Output: 14.0 gallons per day (ARI Standard 610-96)
Application: All Forced Warm-Air Furnaces & Heat Pumps
Unit Size: 12 inches wide x 11 inches high x
12 inches deep
Duct Opening: 7.8 inches wide x 6.0 inches high
Bypass Duct: Diameter: 6 inches
Collar & Duct Supplied
Water Supply: Saddle Valve & Water Line Supplied
Electrical: 24V / 60Hz
Drain Connection: NOT required unless equipped with AutoFlush accessory.
Humidistat: Included!
Coverage: up to 3,200 sq feet (well insulated home) or up to 2,800 sq ft for average insulated home

Desert Spring Furnace Humidifier Parts
Parts List
Basin / Reservoir (Blue) 1
Clear Lid 1
Motor Plate w/ 24v Motor 1
Air Inlet 1
Disk Wheel Assembly 1
Float 1
Drain 1
Drain Cap 1
Hanger Bracket 1
3/16 inch Machine Screws 3
3/16 inch Nuts 3
Humidifier-to-Hanger Mounting Screws 3
Plastic Water Line Approx. 10 ft.
Self-Piercing Saddle Valve 1
Expander 1
Air Take-Off Collar 1
Damper Plate 1
Flex Duct Approx. 3 ft.
Duct Clamp Zap Straps 2
Air Take-Off Mounting Screws 5
Humidistat 1
Marettes (wire nuts) 2
Hook-Up Wire (low voltage) Approx. 10 ft.
24V Plug-in Transformer 1
Instruction Manual 1