Desert Spring Humidifier Value Packages

Save money with one of our humidifier Value Packages.

Basic Package<br><br>DS3200-M Furnace Humidifier

Basic Package

DS3200-M Furnace Humidifier

MSRP: US$329.00
Our Price: US$239.00
You save: $90

Extra Value Package<br><br>DS3200-M Furnace Humidifier & Autoflush

Extra Value Package

DS3200-M Furnace Humidifier & Autoflush

MSRP: US$459.95
Our Price: US$279.00
You save: $180.95

Hard Water Package<br>DS3200-M Furnace Humidifier,<br>Autoflush & Filter

Hard Water Package
DS3200-M Furnace Humidifier,
Autoflush & Filter

MSRP: US$489.90
Our Price: US$299.00
You save: $190.9