Summer Sale on Furnace Humidifiers

Desert Spring Humidifier Parts

Seeking replacement parts for your Desert Spring humidifier?

Then look no further. As one of the only approved distributors for Desert Springs replacement parts, we offer quality OEM parts to our customers to save the hastle and cost of replacing the entire unit when a single part fails outside of the warranty period. Listed below is every component that could not be purchased at your local hardware store. Each piece will act as a direct replacement to your failing part.

Disc Wheel AssemblyOn Sale

Disc Wheel Assembly

Our Price: CDN$89.95

Replacement LidOn Sale

Replacement Lid

Our Price: CDN$39.95

Replacement MotorOn Sale

Replacement Motor

Our Price: CDN$19.69

Motor Upgrade KitOn Sale

Motor Upgrade Kit

Our Price: CDN$29.95

Float AssemblyOn Sale

Float Assembly

Our Price: CDN$25.95

Humidifier BasinOn Sale

Humidifier Basin

Our Price: CDN$36.95

Disc Wheel AxleOn Sale

Disc Wheel Axle

Our Price: CDN$9.95

Inlet Mount/Axle RestOn Sale

Inlet Mount/Axle Rest

Our Price: CDN$11.00

Motor Mounting PlateOn Sale

Motor Mounting Plate

Our Price: CDN$11.00

Air Flow DamperOn Sale

Air Flow Damper

Our Price: CDN$19.95

Reservoir DrainOn Sale

Reservoir Drain

Our Price: CDN$8.95

Reservoir Drain CapOn Sale

Reservoir Drain Cap

Our Price: CDN$3.00

Reservoir Drain With CapOn Sale

Reservoir Drain With Cap

Our Price: CDN$10.95

HumidistatOn Sale


Our Price: CDN$29.95

Air Duct Hanger PlateOn Sale

Air Duct Hanger Plate

Our Price: CDN$14.00

Water Line Saddle ValveOn Sale

Water Line Saddle Valve

Our Price: CDN$6.95

Motor TransformerOn Sale

Motor Transformer

Our Price: CDN$29.95